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I’ve visited this rural boutique hotel multiple times, and each stay consistently impresses me with the team’s evident pride and meticulous attention to every detail. For anyone seeking a tranquil retreat that exemplifies good taste and comfort, this hotel is a must-consider option. My recent experience at their new restaurant was particularly memorable. The food there is simply sensational—boasting exceptional quality with an appealingly straightforward, unfussy style that perfectly complements the rural ambiance of the hotel. It’s a place where you can truly unwind and relax in an elegant yet unpretentious setting.

Every detail has been considered. It’s hard to leave those beds. So ridiculously comfy. I struggle to sleep, especially with noise. I sleep like a rock. Thanks so much !

This paradise is a way of getting back to nature in comfort. We love hill walking and exploring and there is no end to the trails. Love visiting the local towns, local restaurants. There are lots of bike trails too and last time we visited, we forgot to bring our bikes but the hotel arranged us to hire. The last few times we visited the hotel we went for a long weekend and kicked ourselves for not staying longer to explore more. definitely want to do the hot air ballooning next time.

Congratulations to the kitchen. Great food and very well presented. I can’t wait to return for more. The steak ❤️

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