Villages with charm


A 15-30 Km

Villages with charm

The region of La Garrotxa has truly multiple attractions: the incredible landscape, the succulent cuisine and the caring personality of its people.
You will discover many charming villages if you follow the route that goes from Besalú to Santa Pau:

Besalú has so many attractions that it is hard to know where to begin in what is one of the most unique medieval towns in Catalonia. Do not miss: its unique Jewish quarter; the monastery of Sant Pere with its exceptional ambulatory; the church of Sant Vicenç, with a lateral gothic chapel devoted to the True Cross; the façade of the old church/hostel of Sant Julià; the medieval house of Casa Cornella; and the gothic hall in the Cúria Real

Sant Esteve d’en Bas, the capital of the Bas Valley, is graced by a Plaça Major and a 12th century romanesque church, with beautiful capitols and the oldest Christ Majesty figure in Catalonia

Hostalets d’en Bas is beloved for the delightful balconies decorated on Teixeda street that are decorated by geraniums in the summer

Joanetes, with its church devoted to Sant Romà, is set against a background of the mountains of Puigsacalm

Riudaura lies in the valley of the Riera de Riudaura, enclosed by the mountain of Sant Miquel del Mont, Coll de Coubet, Coll de Canes and the mountain of Santa Magdalena de Cambrils. Wandering through this village you will discover: Plaça Gambeto; buildings such as Can Bago; the ancient chapel of Sant Marçal; streets such as La Rutlla, La Terrica and Rompeculs. The mountains of Puig de l’Ofrena, Puig de la Miranda and La Rauta separate Riudaura from La Vall d’en Bas

Santa Pau, the final stop on this route, was declared of Historical and Artistic Importance in 1971 and today the village exhibits a typical medieval street plan, with walls, irregular streets, evocative corners and buildings of great architectural interest. Situated at the foot of the Serra de Finestres, the village grew up around the Baron’s castle, documented from the mid-13th century. When the Barony of Santa Pau was created in 1278, this castle became the main residence of the lords of the area and from 1300 onwards became the walled centre of the growing village of Santa Pau. Past and present meet in Santa Pau and a visit to this beautiful village will leave nobody indifferent!


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