The Romanesque churches of La Vall de Bianya


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The Romanesque churches of La Vall de Bianya

Bianya’s Valley is a peaceful corner of La Garrotxa region boasting an exuberant natural landscape of forests and meadows. The region’s rich history can be traced through a picturesque route that follows 15 breathtaking Romanesque churches, which are testimony to the local live style.

This is a circular route that begins at the village of La Canya and continues through the valleys of Bianya, Sant Ponç and Bac, before looping back to La Canya. This route takes visitors along the Roman road of Capsacosta, from which you can observe a number of old farmhouses that exhibit the defining features of the local architecture, including some delights of the much more recent Art Nouveau movement.

We recommend that you to plan to take 3 days to complete the route, giving yourself time to enjoy not just the 15 churches, but also many other historical, cultural, architectural and natural features that you will discover along the way.

In mid-February, visitors will also be able to join the popular Bianya’s Valley gastronomical fair (Fira del Farro) with examples of all the most typical culinary features of the region.


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