The modernism


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The modernism

The principal examples of Modernist and Noucentist art in La Garrotxa are found in Olot.

In Olot Modernism had a strong influence in the urban architecture. Alfred Paluzie Lucena, Josep Azemar i Pont, Lluis Domènech i Muntaner and the sculptor Miquel Blay i Fàbregas all left their mark in various buildings, such as Mas Collellmir house, the Pastisseria Ferrer, Can Noguer, Pujador house, Escubós house, the side entrance to Sant Esteve church, Gaietà Vila house, Solà Morales house, Riera house, Gassiot house, Sibidí house, Masllorens house and the Pons and Tusquets tower. The most notable sculpture can be found in Carrer Comanegra and is named “La Lectura”.
These and other elements make up part of the Modernist Route laid out by Olot City representatatives.

The route can be rounded off with a visit to the Museu de la Garrotxa, where several modernist works are displayed, such as the collection of posters from the Cigarrillos París competition.


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