The Carrilet cycle lane


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The Carrilet cycle lane

The Carrilet is designated for walkers and cyclists only and follows the route of the narrow gauge railway that once linked Olot and Girona.
Little did the passengers on the last train to Olot suspect that decades later cyclists and walkers would be the next to follow in their tracks! If you decide to cycle or walk this route you will have the opportunity to discover some of the fascinating natural and cultural facets of this region. From Olot, the route passes through a volcanic landscape and a number of charming towns, before heading more decidedly towards and eventually beyond Girona and down to the sea.
With an average gradient of 1.5%, the Carrilet cycle lane between Olot and Girona is a straightforward route and Coll de Bas, at just 620 m, is its highest point. On the way you can visit the villages and towns the route passes through:

• Olot, with the volcano Montsacopa in its heart and the Fonts de Sant Roc (springs) at the very start of the route

• Pedra Tosca Park and other interesting landscape features in Les Preses

• The different villages of La Vall d’en Bas, home to Francesc de Verntallat, the leader of the Remences revolt in the Hostoles valley, who stormed the castle of Hostoles

• Sant Feliu de Pallerols, with the river Brugent and its thick oak Woods

• Riera de Cogolls (stream and gorge) in Les Planes d’Hostoles, and

• Many other places of interest along the cycle lane that runs through La Garrotxa

There are many other routes that connect to the Carrilet and these can of course be also explored on foot or by pedal. From Olot to Les Planes d’Hostoles, the cycle lane coincides with the Itinerànnia network of footpaths and in all the villages there are signposts and links to other paths and routes to give visitors the best chance to enjoy landscapes of La Garrotxa.


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